Problems Affecting Your Sleep During Pregnancy

When you first realise that you are going to be a mother, how you and your partner feel excited! The feeling and the sensation of your growing baby in your little tummy must fill you with a handful of joy. During pregnancy, you need to pass through hard times as well as happy times. Morning-sickness, fluctuation of blood pressure, getting underweight or overweight etc., are some problems that a pregnant mother needs to face.

Although in the beginning of pregnancy you may have a good sleep, but, in advance stage, you may not have quality sleep. But, in pregnancy, you need to have a good sleep to stay physically and mentally fresh. Using side sleeper pillow you can sleep comfortably.

Similarly, knowing about different sleeping positions will help you have a restful sleep.There are several problems that may start while you are sleeping. And these problems just disturb your sleep. Use of the best maternity pillow is recommended to have an uninterrupted sleep.

4 Common problems affecting sleep

Frequent bathroom visit – While you are pregnant your kidneys start working a step harder as they incline to strain tumid blood which is moving in your body. The percentage of its increasing level is 30-50%. As result of this hiking blood more urine is created. With the advancement of your pregnancy naturally your baby is growing up and therefore the uterus is getting bigger day by day. So, your bladder receives a pressure and for this reason you need to visit restroom frequently.

Feeling tired – As the baby is growing up day by day, the uterus is also giving more space to the baby to stay. There lies a muscle just beneath your lungs that starts to feel the pressure of uterus. Subsequently, this increasing pressure creates a problem in breathing. Besides, with the secretion of pregnancy hormone breathing also gets affected. Latter you feel that most of the time you are taking deep breaths without any reason and you are feeling tired. Increased heart beat – The increment in beating of heart during pregnancy is a common problem, because in this time your heart starts pumping more blood to send it uterus. On the other hand, your heart needs to pump adequate blood to maintain the blood circulation in your whole body. As a result the heart rate increases.

Back and leg pain – Having pain in back and legs are common problem as you are carrying extra weight. Besides, during this period your body starts to secrete a hormone namely, relaxin. This hormone prepares your body for giving birth to a child. This hormone makes a pregnant woman unstable as it slacks the ligaments of the body. So, the chance to get injured at this time increases, especially the chances of back injury.